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Looking Back and Ahead

The start of a New Year is one of my favourite times of the year. It feels so juicy and full of new opportunities, endless possibilities, a whole new blank chapter in our book of life! The year started off incredibly here with a beautiful calm birth supported by a 3 year old big brother, it […]

Pregnancy in 4 Minutes

Have a look at how magical you are… You body busy growing another human without even needing to think about it. Aren’t you incredible!     Imagine how beneficial it is to do something that feels good to you everyday during this creational process. What is your pleasure list? What makes you feel happy, relaxed […]

Tips for Safe Flying During Pregnancy

Tis the holiday season and for many expand mummies that means traveling to visit friends and family. I’ve put together these tips that will help you do travel your healthiest. Preparing to fly 1. Go business class  2. Hydrate hydrate hydrate the few days leading up to flying, the longer haul it is the more […]

Death Doula Workshops in November

We are pleased to welcome back Denise Love to Singapore this month for more deep connection and lots of laughter. Denise will be teaching 2 workshops: 1. Foundation Death Doula November 24 & 25th  2016 9am – 3pm $190 for early bird registration which ends November 9th Location: East Coast  2. When a Baby Dies  November 22nd […]

Well Informed Dads Are Great Birth Partners

I often get asked, ‘Should I bring my partner to the birth preparation class? Dads needs a chance to also get well informed, to understand the choices you are making for your baby and why and learn how to advocate for you in the hospital. Dads care for all the logistics, the environment, and the interacting […]

7 Reasons To Sign Up For a Love Based Birth Class Today

I overheard a conversation in a mums group the other day that made me wonder if it was considered  the norm today to spend more time and effort researching which baby buggy to buy then with who and how to give birth to the baby. Indeed there are many choices in both worlds however I […]

Ready for Birth & A VBAC

The latest graduates from Love Based Birth preparation program! A fabulous group of couples ready to rock positive, connected, informed births. Yay! One of these mummas messaged me this weekend to let me know she had her baby, she was 39 weeks in our last class. She shared the news of her successful drug free […]

First Trimester of Pregnancy Questions

We are back from a fabulous weekend in beautiful Sri Lanka were we celebrated love and marriage of our friends. As we jump back into creating here at LBB there is one question I’d love your help with… What is the one thing you wish you had known during the first trimester of your pregnancy?  […]

3 Reasons Why Independent Birth Preparation Class are Different than Hospital Classes

Independent birth preparation classes are usually taught by someone who is very passionate about birth and is invested in helping you achieve the birth of your dreams. You will learn the importance of discuss things like episiotomy (cutting your vagina) with your care provider much before birth and give you all the research and stats […]

Pregnant? Stressed? Science Says Talk to Your Baby

Fact: Our emotions during pregnancy are experienced by our little ones; the scientific evidence proving this is growing. Does that mean we shouldn’t experience stress during pregnancy? Does that mean we are failing as mums if we have stress and anxiety? NO It means pregnancy is a fabulous time to put relaxation practices into place, actively […]