A Gentle Birth filled with Love & Joy
is within Your Grasp

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    Apprehensive about the pain that labour involves?
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    Hearing too many negative stories about birth from well-meaning but uninformed people?

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    Wanting a gentle birth without routine medical interventions but unsure where to get balanced and honest answers to your questions?

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    Looking for a more informed experience of pregnancy, birth and new motherhood where you make the decisions?

If you’re anxious and confused about the upcoming birth of your baby,
you’re not alone and have come to the right place.
The good news is that fear is natural and a wonderful guide that will push you to take
action and be proactive – shifting your decision making from fear to love based.

Founder Of
Love Based

My name is Red Miller and I’m a Biodynamic Midwife, Birth Consultant, Craniosacral Therapist and founder of Love Based Birth.
I have lived and loved in India and Asia for the last decade.

As a midwife I have attended over 700 births in more than 10 countries including Nepal, USA and Singapore; and in diverse settings such as the rice fields of Cambodia to a palace in Malaysia.

My quest is to guide women to tap into their inner knowing so they can have a fearless and magical birth.

What is
Love Based Birth

Love Based Birth is a resource and education platform for couples
who want a more connected, informed, and joyful pregnancy,
birth and parenting experience.

 Our holistic classes and private consultations are designed to help you transform
fears and anxieties into choice and empowered outcomes.

Love Based Birth is about empowerment not passitivity and may not be for you if you
prefer to go along with the crowd and leave all the decisions up to your care
provider or hospital.

T   O   D   A   Y

 Our courses and educational resources inside the Membership area take
an uncommon approach, one that puts you in a leading role as you
are preparing for this life-changing for you and your partner.

How to use the TIPS model
for a better birth:

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 Hear More From
Love Based Birth Families

 Parents share their experiences of working with Love Based Birth:


Melissa, South Africa

Love Based Birth has been a life altering experience for me and really widened my perspective on being a mom. I have learnt to embrace fear and turn it into power, question things that are “the norm” and really trust my gut (instinct) when it comes to decisions about my body and my growing baby. Red Miller has been an incredible birth coach – sharing her experiences with love and appreciation. I am a genuine believer in this love-based approach to pregnancy and childbirth. Thank you Red for your guidance and support during this incredible time, I can’t wait to bring my child into the world in a peaceful, loving way.


Michael, UK

From a dad-to-be’s perspective, I thoroughly appreciated Red’s warm, genuine approach and wealth of knowledge when it comes to birthing. She creates a safe, open space and truly cares about her clients and addresses their individual needs. I had previously attended other antenatal classes and i found just one hour with Red to be more helpful and meaningful to our upcoming birth. She helped me to clearly understand the dynamics between the birth parents and what role I needed to play to be a genuinely supportive birth partner for my wife. Thanks Red for being there for us when we needed it.


Catherine, Singapore

The best advice I received during pregnancy was Red encouraging me to trust my intuition. I was starting to feel really uncomfortable with my decision to stay with my doctor, but inertia and feeling like I didn’t want to offend him by switching so late in the game kept me where I was until she challenged me to trust my gut. And reminded me that my doctor would barely remember my birth whereas I would have that experience with me the rest of my life. That inspired me to make the best decision for me.

Amanda USA

Amanda, USA

I would recommend Love Based Birth’s publications, education, and other services to any expectant moms/partners/families who wish to be supported and uplifted throughout their pregnancy, birth and beyond. Red is very knowledgeable and trustworthy. She has a way of guiding you to choose the best options for YOU to support YOUR needs. I have had the privilege to be supported by Red and Love Based Birth during my pre/post-natal care, child birth education, and my birth. I can say first hand how great of an experience I have had during the process. I am forever grateful for having her and Love Based Birth in my life.

Ashliegh NZ

Ashleigh, New Zealand

During one of our prenatal appointments, you asked me what my favourite part about giving birth was. I remember thinking, the only thing I like about giving birth is when it’s over. You changed my opinion entirely.

Now if I had to answer the same question, I would say there are many wonderful things about giving birth. With the right care, giving birth naturally is one of the most empowering experiences a woman will have. Giving birth is nothing to fear.

Over the 9 months you cared for us, my fear evaporated. During labour I felt totally in control. What a difference to my previous births where I was frightened of the pain, focused on the pain and asking for direction. In fact, I don’t even remember the pain.

I just remember feeling all the good things our body gives us to make us feel euphoric and awesome. I loved how you sat there quietly and watched and marveled. No need for touching me at all, just silently reassuring me that everything was perfect and amazing.

Plus, if intervention was required, I knew there was not anyone more capable. You have the wisdom of a woman who she herself has labored 100 times. This wisdom along with your amazing education, experience and ongoing desire to learn make you very special! I believe than any woman, no matter how she
decides to birth will be better off with you by her side.

Jethro could not have had a better start to his precious little life. We love you and all you do for women and their babies!


Jac,  Singapore

I’m extremely thankful that Love Based Birth is here in Singapore! A great platform to read the articles about love based birth. Red Miller is a wonderful birth coach with a lot of heart knowledge and heart! Honored to have her journey with me through my second birth, empowering me to birth without fear and focused on LOVE. Her CST sessions for mommies and babies are awesome as well! Helped me ease through my fourth trimester and through breastfeeding! Highly recommended!


Andrea & Jonas, Singapore / Germany

We had two babies with Red and loved her charisma and personality… she talks about pregnancy and giving birth with such an enthusiasm that you can feel how much she cares about the mommies and the babies – and also about the daddies!!!

For the mommy – she makes you feel that you are going to experience something extraordinary and that you can do it all by yourself! That your body is a temple that is designed for giving birth and that there is nothing to fear! And I was surprised to discover about myself in labor that I wasn’t afraid!

For the daddies – she made my hubby feel that he is an active part of labor – not just in the audience! She reassured him to be my advocate – to speak to doctors and nurses on my behalf – so that I can totally concentrate on birthing our baby!

Because of Red’s knowledge, expertise and strong feel about the PRO’s of NATURAL BIRTH we had a good contrast to the medical point of view of our doctor, so that we could make well-informed decisions about what we wanted and what we didn’t.

Come On In

Free Birth Preparation Workshop

prenatal classes singapore

Part 1: TIPS Model

4 Steps to minimize unnecessary birth interventions:

  • Team Alignment
  • Intuition
  • Partnership Healthcare
  • Self-Love

Part 2: Pain & The Tools To Cope:

  • What are Pain Guides?
  • What is the difference between Waves and Contractions?
  • How can we Increase and Decrease Pain?
  • How can Sound Breathing help pain?
  • How do we reimagine PAIN?

You are welcome to join our free birth preparation workshop.

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