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Location Location Location

The resort location and feel is essential to our birth preparation in paradise retreat. I was just in Bali for four days checking out the top luxury boutique resorts, what an amazing […]

Romancing and Preparing for Birth

Photo: How does combining romance with birth preparation into an unforgettable retreat sound to you? I’ve been encouraging couples to date each other during pregnancy for over 10 years. The […]

Umbilical cord facts: very durable!

Umbilical Cord Facts: Built for Durability

Here are some umbilical cord facts and how their significance towards you and your baby. The umbilical cord is designed for durability and to cushion impact. Looking at the cords […]

Let’s vote for midwives in Singapore

Health care systems are the strongest where doctors and midwives are working together in collaboration, benefiting from each others strong points. It’s election fever in Singapore this week and I can’t help […]

neti pot for bad air quality and pregnancy

Bad Air Quality and Pregnancy: Easy Solution

Bad air quality and pregnancy are not a good mix: poor air definitely does not provide an ideal environment for you and the baby. Luckily for us, there are ways […]