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Pregnancy Moon is Here!

Super excited to announce the Pregnancy Moon website is up and registration is open! The feedback has been so overwhelming positive, thank you all and keep it coming! It was […]

Birth myths: Baby being born

Top 3 Myths About Birth

There are myths about birth out there that should be dispelled. The moment one person becomes two is the most amazing moment in all of existence. Sadly, it is a magic […]

Singapore Celebrates World Hypnobirthing Day!

Bring your friends and join us for World Hypnobirthing day as we celebrate 25 years of beautiful births in Singapore! This is event is for you if you are curious […]

Dancing - a great hypnobirthing technique

Hypnobirthing Technique: Dancing

Yesterday in class 4 of Hypnobirthing someone asked if dancing to pop music during labor would be a good Hypnobirthing technique. The point of learning relaxation techniques during Hypnobirthing class is not […]