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Midwife holding newborn baby

What to Expect as an Aspiring Midwife

Aspiring student midwives often ask me what it’s like to be an independent midwife.  I get lots of emails, from all over the globe, students wanting to come to the […]

Belly Pots!

Cool clay spread on a ripe belly with intension and then decorated with love for the baby inside. How beautiful! And belly pots make a cool keepsake. Fruit anyone? Imagine […]

Death Doula Workshop

Dates are out for the upcoming Death Doula Workshop! Death Doula Foundation Training: March 3 & 4, 2016  Advanced Death Doula:  March 15 & 16, 2016  We had so much […]

Le Leche League in Singapore

LLL meet ups are great ways to meet other breastfeeding mums and they are always free. The group is mother led with a ‘Le Leche Leader’ who hosts and can […]

The c-section detective

Unnecessary C-sections: The Cesarean Detective

Modern generations have been plagued by record high, unnecessary c-sections. This video has been getting a lot of attention on social media this week. Rightfully so. It’s inspiring to see […]

Pregnancy Moon Update

I am excited to update you on whats been happening with Pregnancy Moon: Birth Preparation in Paradise! The short story: Pregnancy Moon is now a long weekend, February 12-14, and the […]

Spirit Babies Walter Makichen

Pre-birth Communication is Key

As a midwife, I believe that prebirth communication is a necessary action during pregnancy. I love to talk about communicating with babies while they are growing in the womb, consciously […]