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Preconception Health: 7 Secrets

In this article, we offer you our top tips for preconception health! Preconception health is arguably one of the most important factors for parents who are trying.

‘We are going to start planning for another baby so I’d like to know if and when you are around next year.’

That was the line from my favourite email this week. What an honour to be thought of when baby planning!

One of the beauties of the profession is work with the same family for multiple babies. A juicy experience when the little one you helped out helps you check on the new growing baby. Still holding the memory, the feeling of when it had been their turn and the older siblings had been doing the same!

It’s important that little apartment is ready to host the next baby.

Here’s my top 7 tips for optimal pre-conception health:

  1. Clean up your diet. Add more vegetables, fruits and healthy fats, learn about super foods. Reduce caffeine or even better reduce all together.
  2. Take a good supplement of folate, not the synthetic form folic acid. 
  3. Reduce toxin exposure including environmental and dietary. Here’s some easy ways:
    – Reduce time spent on your devices.
    – Whatever fruits and veg you are buying that is not organic, soak in water with a couple splashes of vinegar to remove pesticides; avoid the ‘dirty dozen’.
    – Learn about heavy metal poisoning and consider getting tested. See a Naturopath.
    – Consider getting a good water filter.
    – Throw out all those chemical cleaning products in your house if you haven’t already. Replace and learn about using vinegar, baking soda and coconut oil.
  4. Go on dates and enjoy each other! Have FUN.
  5. Boost up your immune system and gut health. Probiotics, fermented foods and foods high in vitamin C are essential.
  6. Take care of dental issues you’ve been putting off.
  7. Reduce stress by moving your body! Plenty of exercise goes a long way in supporting your health.

1, 3 and 5 are for dad too! Remember sperm lives in the testes for 3 months.

Here is a a useful read about debunking most common birth myths!

Happy baby making!