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Love Based Birth

A Transformation: Love Based Birth

Orange Blossoms is making  a slow and gentle transformation into Love Based Birth.

I have been searching for sometime for the medium to join my birth keeper sisters and other practitioners in the worldwide movement already long established to bring innocence, joy and beauty back to birth.

Loved Based Birth as a company and brand clearly names my philosophy and heart, as a midwife, educator, baby advocate, and holistic therapist.

“Worldwide the maternal health care system is run by fear and it is time that changes” 

Fear of litigation, fear loss, fear of lack of control, fear of handing over to nature, fear of power, fear of the unknown. Fear is driving the practices and gravely affecting the outcomes.

Fear as an emotion has its place but when it rules pregnancy, birth and parenting it over rides the ability to make healthy, informed decisions and it’s families that suffer.

“Love is the healer that helps us move beyond our fears”

Shifting our awareness back to love begins to build a bridge, giving the fear somewhere to travel. Allowing love to lead and making decisions from that place will naturally transform the way we birth, we parent and provide health care services.

My goal is for every woman on the planet to have the opportunity to access evidenced based information that is empowering and confidence building as she prepares to become a mother.

This love centric approach is my contribution to the global gentle birth movement and I am so grateful to all my teachers, pioneers and advocates who have shown me the way.

Love Based Conception, Love Based Pregnancy, and Love Based Birth online programs are all in the works and will nudge this goal toward becoming a reality.

Please stay in touch, leave your comments and join the Love Based Birth community.

Together let’s shine more love into the world, one birth at a time!