Hi there,
My Name is Red Miller.

I’m a Mother, Biodynamic Midwife, Author, Craniosacral
Therapist and Founder of Love Based Birth

Since 2007,

I have lived and loved in India and Asia
and now call Singapore home.

As a midwife I have attended over 700 births in more than 10 countries including Nepal, USA and Singapore; and in diverse settings such as the rice fields of Cambodia to a palace in Malaysia.

My quest is to guide women to tap into their inner knowing so they can have a fearless and magical birth.

Along the way, I co-founded a birth center called Birth-village in Kerala, South India. It is run by midwives and in 2015 our natural birth rate at the center was 97.9%

I created Love Based Birth for the millions of women around the world who are seeking more from the options presented to them by the mainstream and who want to experience deeper connection, joy, love and magic while becoming mothers.

Growing up in a rural commune in Canada where women gave birth at home with the support of the community midwives – including my mum; and coming from a long lineage of Amish women who have a strong belief in birth as ‘normal; becoming a midwife was in my bones.


Every woman, and every birth, has shaped who I am as a midwife and for that I feel honored and grateful. Every experience of birth has left me amazed, inspired and humbled by how incredibly strong women are. Being a midwife helps me stay present in the moment, in the here and now. It has pushed me to trust the skills of my hands, the accuracy of my intuition, and the strength of my heart. Compassion, patience and kindness are some of the biggest skills needed for this unpredictable work. We need to be humble, to be able to be wrong, to know there is something much bigger than us at work. We need to ground and breathe and be incredibly calm under pressure. Every birth is so different that you can never predict with any certainty what is coming next.

There are many types of midwives in the world: we do not all have the same skills or the same philosophy. I call the type of midwifery I practice biodynamic midwifery. The most familiar use of the word “biodynamic” de nes a farming concept developed in 1920 by Rudolf Steiner. He described it as “a holistic understanding of the agricultural process”. I love his vision of working with soil, plants and animals to boost the fertility of the land naturally, creating a balanced ecosystem. is feels exactly how I want to work with women and babies.

A biodynamic relationship is not about taking; it is about giving. I learned a lot about the principles of biodynamics while studying to become a licensed and registered biodynamic craniosacral therapist (BCST). I completed my two-year diploma training with the Internantional Institute of Craniosacral Balancing and feel incredibly grateful to my teachers, who had a profound connection to the method and the magic of the work.

These biodynamic principles are the supporting pillars of my midwifery practice.

Pillar 1: Holistic approach

Caring for a woman physically during pregnancy is not enough her emotional, mental and spiritual well being is equally important. Each one of us is as much our thoughts as our physical matter. I am committed to providing the natural remedies for common discomforts that have the least impact on the sensitive ecosystem of the mother–baby body. Using positive language to increase the mother’s con dence and to reduce her fear is essential in this model of practice.

Pillar 2: Relationship of trust

First we learn to trust ourselves so we can then trust those around us. Relationships are key in midwifery: the relationship and relatedness of the mother and baby, in the primary couple, of the family to the practitioner, and of the practitioner to the family. Putting an emphasis on all four of these relationships creates better outcomes.

Pillar 3: A guiding intelligence

Health is always present in the body, regardless of what else is happening. e practitioner is not the hero, or the main attraction; they are only there to help create an environment in which the body’s own inner wisdom and innate intelligence can shine. We are there to give recommendations, not tell the mother what to do, and to give the mother the ownership and the responsibility in every situation.

Pillar 4: Value of touch as nutrition

Respectful touch is an essential nourishment for the body, as well as for the mind and spirit. Kind and loving touch is a thread that crosses all cultural boundaries. We use hands not machines.


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