What to Expect as an Aspiring Midwife
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What to Expect as an Aspiring Midwife

Aspiring student midwives often ask me what it’s like to be an independent midwife. 

I get lots of emails, from all over the globe, students wanting to come to the birth center in Kerala to study, wondering what a my normal days looks like, what is it like to work in Asia, or the best route into midwifery.

I feel that to inspiring more midwives into the world is an important part of my job description! 

The truth is this work is totally unpredictable which I love and I also crave structure and carve it in where I can.

This week was pretty normal, and it looked along these lines:

  • Welcome a baby to earth gently
  • Took 3 swims
  • Did prenatal visits
  • Drank 4 green smoothies
  • Wrote and submitted a guest blog post to my friends at Orgasmic Birth
  • Spent a lot of time working online, made huge progress on my membership site
  • Had 2 Epsom salt baths
  • Had 2 lunch meetings
  • Continued thoughts and notes for my upcoming rebranding including my new logo (!)
  • Worked on a bunch on Pregnancy Moon: Birth Preparation in Paradise logistics
  • Enjoyed a family house guest
  • Went out for a rare pizza

…And a whole heap more

And it was all super fun and rewarding and inspiring!

To keep the momentum going, creativity flowing, and cope with the demands of holding big spaces for people you need to be healthy. When I say healthy I mean physically as well as emotionally and mentally.

Please note:

I have created a great support system around me that makes it possible to be really productive

AND no matter what I take time out to care for my health by being active, eating well, spending time breathing, and practicing yoga.

I did not start out that way because you don’t learn self care in midwifery school. I spent my first 7 or so years of practice neglecting myself for the sake of turning up for others and it nearly broke me!

Believe me and don’t buy the lie you need to be a martyr to be a good midwife, its not true.

What you actually need is to be balanced, that’s what makes it sustainable.

Finding that balance is skill you’ll need to learn because you’ll feel so ecstatic, driven and passionate that you’ll take on more then you should.

Don’t do that, don’t risk your health for anyone!

Now I look after my health first and in doing that I have found a much greater capacity to DO to BE.

So please dear determined, courageous, aspiring midwife, starting today, right now do sometime kind for yourself, something that makes you feel good. Something that you would do without hesitate if it was for one of your soon-to-be wonderful mothers or babies you’ll be caring for!

They will be so darling you will ache for them
But do plenty of your version of this!
Love Red