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Your Birth Photos on Love Based Birth

We are very busy creating over here! Have you been to our free membership area yet?  It is SO much fun creating evidenced based information for you. I am very happily doing my part to shift the global disaster that is fear driving the birth world. One birth at a time and together we can bring birth […]

Pregnancy, Newborn & Family Photos

I have great news Kyra Ann Photography is coming to Singapore in August! Kyra is a dear friend, a Love Based Birth mummy and a talented photographer. Many of her photos are doted around LBB including our incredible home page photo! Kyra is a highly sought-after portrait and lifestyle photographer and will be available in Singapore for bookings […]

Newborn development: Aaron and Rocky's first three months

Newborn Development: First Three Months

Newborn Development: In the first three months, newborns don’t want to be down the hall or even in another room. They want to be in reaching distance at all times. They are not controlling you, manipulating you or trying to freak you out. They don’t want to be scheduled or ‘independent’ They are completely dependent […]

How to Prepare for a New Baby joining the Family

Congratulations, your family is expanding! If you are considering having your kids present for the birth of their brother or sister, go for it! I have had many sibling-attended births and see kids usually do great when they are well prepared. Lucky for them they haven’t yet had the programming that birth is anything but […]

LLL-Breastfeeding Singapore

I loved spending the morning with these awesome women at Le Leche League Singapore! I shared about birth interventions and how they can affect breastfeeding and how/which support is accessible when those interventions are necessary. The meeting started with introductions where everyone gave one word that best described breastfeeding for them. The overwhelming majority were: […]

Love Based Birth Preparation Class Update

I have transitioned from teaching HypnoBirthing the Marie Mongan program to my own Love Based Birth program to couples preparing for birth and parenthood. I love to share with you my process and progress. I learnt a lot teaching Marie’s Hypnobirthing program, a great program that has helped many couples around the world have a […]

May 5th: International Day of the Midwife

Being a midwife is so special. Having the honor and the skills to sit beside amazing women while they open their bodies to let humans out is truly and utterly beyond incredible. Helping to create environments for those little ones to land gently and peacefully is so important for them and a happier planet. Feeling […]

Birth Story of Miraculous Baby Chrissy

Love Based Birth brings you the miraculous birth story of Chrissy, whose parents followed their intuition and changed doctors in the third trimester. I love receiving these emails as much as I love working with couples who are dedicated to the process of discovery prenatally. I am so happy for you three what an awesome team […]

Meeting opportunity: La Leche League in May

If you’re pregnant or a breastfeeding mum you’re welcome to join this fun, informative meeting in May. I have been invited to attend the group as the guest speaker so look forward to meeting you and of course having baby cuddles : ) From Mina the host: During our May meeting we have a special […]

Eating Dates during pregnancy will benefit you!

Eating Dates During Pregnancy: Remarkable Benefits

Eating dates during pregnancy has been shown to offer many significant benefits for the expecting mother. Can 6 dates a day shorten your labor? According to a few studies they just might! I recommend women eat 6 dates a day from the end of the third trimester and I haven’t been apart of too many […]