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Birth Positions

This poster of birth positions is on the wall of a birthing suite in the Pius Hospital de Valls hospital in Spain. This picture was clicked by water birth advocate and colleague Barbara Harper on her recent visit there. Check out how nice and wide that hospital bed is! The extra foot width gives so […]

Why Orange Blossoms?

As a student midwife I learnt the saying, ‘don’t pick the fruit until its ripe’ in the context of not messing with pregnant mammas until babies were naturally ready to ‘fall from the tree’. I loved that! The imagery of our own nature in relation to trees and changing seasons continues to grow for me. I […]

Epidural in the spinal chord

Epidurals Have No Side Effects in Kerala

I had an opportunity this week on Facebook to be completely flabbergasted by this misinformation. It came from reading the following post written by consultant anesthesiologist Dr. Neelam MBBS, DA, DNB at The Cradle Hospital in Calicut, Kerala. Painless Childbirth Labour pain is rated as severe by most women who do not receive pain relief. With […]

Prenatal Parenting Workshop and Belly Pots

(Photo Credit: Lennart Nilsson ~20weeks) We have been learning a lot for some years now about womb life. It is no longer a dark and mysterious place but rather a well understood, private, cosmos. As we gain more information about the senses, the sensitivities, and the power to learn of the unborn baby, we are […]

Baby massage on a newborn baby

Why your Newborn Needs a Baby Massage

Baby massage is an underused, miraculous technique that can aid in the development of your newborn. I learnt baby massage in India from a whole host of women in all different parts of the country, as a western midwife I had never really been exposed to it before then. Years on in India I didn’t […]

Birth plan infographic

How to Create Your Birth Plan

Source: Knowing how to create birth plans are a necessary part of the birth process. When birth happens, birth plans give parents and caretakers something to stick to. I’m a big fan of birth plans especially for birth in hospital settings. If you are birthing at home with a midwife you have probably had lots […]

Protein in Pregnancy: An Easy Guide

When I think of protein in pregnancy, I see stabilizing building blocks both for mum and baby.  Protein for the Baby Imagine for a minute growing another human: organs, bones, arms & legs, all that connective tissue and blood, and everything happening without you needing to pay any attention! Pregnancy is a clever orchestra of […]