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Babies Want to be Massaged

I love massaging new borns!

This particular massage was so sweet because 22 months ago I did the same thing for big brother Noah who is looking on. Clearly he wants to make sure I was doing it right and didn’t miss any spots!

It so lovely to work with families for several of their babies.

Babies love massage and its so good for them! It helps regulate their digestive, circulatory and nervous systems. I use coconut oil and give them a bucket bath after so they can feel their bodies nearly submerged just like in the womb. New borns are still so close to being water creatures, they usually appreciate the opportunity!

Chick here to go to Love Based Birth Free Members Area. I’ve made you a how to video for baby massage as well as a downloadable PDF with everything you need to know to start now.

Happy Massaging!