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Bad Air Quality and Pregnancy: Easy Solution

Bad air quality and pregnancy are not a good mix: poor air definitely does not provide an ideal environment for you and the baby. Luckily for us, there are ways to deal with toxins in the air.

For me, it’s hard to feel healthy in this relentless haze in Singapore! I feel like I’m back in Mumbai.11233177_10152960347415356_8769675072814489712_n

One way of maintaining your health is by using a neti pot: a safe and easy way to clean out your sinuses and ensure your not going to bed with toxins  up your nose (from Indonesian field fires for Singaporeans). Neti pots work by cleaning out nasal passages with water, which prevents a buildup of toxins in your nose. These toxins and pollutants could bring many unwanted consequences that are associated with bad air quality.

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Here’s what Mercola has to say about nasal irrigation.