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Love Based Birth Prenatal pregnancy and birth preparation classes was recently featured in the WellBeing Specialists Singapore’s “5 Best Prenatal Classes in Singapore” feature article.

Thanks to all of you wonderful Mamas and Pappas who have left reviews on google and facebook as this helps us get noticed and featured in the articles like this.

One of the cool things about the Wellbeing Specialists Directory is that it is setup just for Singapore holistic practitioners, therapists, retailers, and Wellbeing spas, retreats, events and courses. It makes it easier to find great local providers.

If you’d like to leave us a review on WellBeing Specialists go here. Love Based Birth Prenatal Classes Singapore

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Singapore Prenatal Classes (Antenatal Classes)

Online Prenatal Classes

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which is for:

👉🏿 Expecting mothers
👉🏾 New mothers
👉🏽 Planning to conceive again mothers
👉🏼 Passionate birth workers and Wellness professionals
👉🏻 And partners!

🌱 We are here because we are interested in building community.
🌱 We are keen to take responsibility for our own personal health journeys as well as our family’s.
🌱 We believe in holistic living and prefer natural remedies over prescription drugs.
🌱 We don’t follow medical advise blindly, we follow our intuition into the best decisions for us personally  
🌱 We want to learn and grow together! 

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Why You Should Join Us

Studies Show It Really Does Take A Village To Raise a Child…

AND we are not only raising children, we are raising ourselves as mothers and for that we need a like-minded community to turn to. Study

Summary:Mothers without strong support from a community had higher levels of stress, and mothers with higher levels of stress were more worn down and pessimistic about parenting.

They also found the opposite true: mothers with strong support from their communities had lower levels of stress and were optimistic about parenting.

If You Are Pregnant or Have Children or Both and Would Like a Connected, Supportive Community, then join us inside!

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