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Birth Doula Training in Singapore

Considering becoming a doula? Join us this coming in March for Birth Doula Training in Singapore !

In this part of the world we have limited opportunities for birth doula training so don’t miss this chance!

Denise Love has been facilitating learning for Doulas for the past 18 years in a variety of countries and will be in Singapore offering:

Birth Doula Foundation Course: March 7 & 9, 2016 
Advanced Birth Doula (including hypnosis for birth) Course: March 10 & 11, 2016

This Doula course will prepare you to bring love, compassion and listening back to childbirth.

  • Learn to come with an empty cup to a woman and let her fill it
  • Explore how your own birth experience influences your work as a doula
  • Challenge your own beliefs and thoughts so, as you step into her space, you relinquish the need to control or guide and honour her journey and outcome.
  • We will share and honour the birth stories of babies in many different birth environments without judgment
  • You will reassess the roles of doulas, and their impact on birthing women now, in the past and the future
  • Clarify a Doula’s role
  • Respect the limitations of that role, and the joys!

Denise’s approach…

“I come with an attitude of undisturbed birth, but also a working knowledge of hospital birth in different cultures and protocols. My openness to serve women, where ever they choose to birth their child, offers a wide variety of options. I have been facilitating Doula training in Bangkok for 8 years. I now live in Chiang Mai.

Through group discussion, personal inquiry, and a variety of creative projects, I walk the class through and offer insight into the opportunity to better understand what it means to be born. We try to understand what is needed to ensure that each baby has the opportunity to enter this world unharmed. We will explore how your current beliefs and attitudes, and your own birth experiences influence the way you work with women. Being of service is a commitment to be the best you can be, and to continual self-assessment and improvement”.

Reasons you might want to join us: 

  • You want to open the door to new opportunities in the way you relate to women about pregnancy, birth and parenting
  • You are planning pregnancy
  • You want to sit with women and explore the wonders of our bodies and minds
  • You want to open your heart to a new person arriving in your life
  • You are looking for healing following your own birth experiences
  • You want to sit in circle with awesome women

Whatever gets you there it is going to be a very special few days!

Advanced Doula is available for those who have taken the Foundation Doula Course or who already have an active doula practice.

In this course Denise who is also a Hypnotherapist will teach ways to use hypnosis effectively in pregnancy and birth. She will share simple skills to use that will enhance healing of the mind and body and open a journey into healing.

Space for both trainings are limited 

To register email me and send workshop payment of $190SD by paypal to [email protected] 

Workshops are held in a private home on the East Coast timings are from 9-3pm and to keep cost low lunch is potluck, please bring a dish to share.

If you are interested in Death Doula training click here 



  • Pharrah Clark February 3, 2016

    Hi Red, can u firstly clarify if each 2-day workshop is $190.00? Secondly I assume u can attend both consequetively & at the end of the advanced workshop does that qualify u as a doula/ what further work needs to be done, etc?? Thank you. Pharrah

    • Hi Pharrah thanks for asking. You are correct to assume each 2 day workshop is $190 and you can attend both consecutively. So you would be attending 4 days of training for $380SD. On completion you will receive a certificate of participation, attending a workshop like this fits really well with taking an online certification program like from Childbirth International, DONA doula or Lamaze international.
      We are nearly full so please email soon if you’d like to join us! It will be wonderful to have you there

      • Hi Red, I was going to call you tmrw (Mon). May I still confirm for the 4 days???

  • Looks grate! Does this lead to a certification? With whitch organisation?

    • HI Lucy! You will receive a certification for completion of the training from Life Options.

  • midhula joy March 8, 2016

    Hi Red Miller,
    My name is Midhula joy ,i am a passionate midwife and completed in Nursing(Obstetrics and Gynaecology) from kerala ,India. I have seen your brochure -birth doula traing in Singapore. but it came to know me very late .
    i would like to know when will be your next doula traing.kindly inform me about your next traing campain.
    my mail id- [email protected]