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Birth Intervention: A Humorous Look

For many mothers, birth intervention may not be necessary. The human body has withstood natural birth for a long time; why should anything change now?

“Failure to Progress”

How often we do hear this as a reason for cesarean? How much have we intervened in the process before getting to that point?

The creators of this video do such a great job of showing why so many women’s labor slow or stop and ‘need’ intervention to get them going again.

After all the same key hormone oxytocin is involved in both processes right?

It is ended so brilliantly with:

‘we respect physiology in this hospital, things should go as naturally as possible, love you to’

Words are not always translated into actions, please keep your intuition awake when interviewing your doctor so you know if ‘sure you can try for a normal birth’ is a brush off with a silent eye roll.

Please leave your comments and feelings below after watching the clip.

Here is an interesting article highlighting the high rates of c-sections.