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Dads explain how they became the perfect birth partners

Birth Partners: Well-Informed Dads are Perfect

I often get asked, ‘Should I bring my partner to the birthing class? The short answer is that up-to-date dads serve as the perfect birth partners.

Birth partners are people who give birthing mothers emotional and physical support during the process. Evidence shows that mothers may be able to handle labor much better when a birth partner is present, leading midwives and doctors alike to encourage having someone around. It just so happens that dads could turn into the perfect birthing partners because of their familiarity with expecting mothers.

Dads needs a chance to also get well informed, to understand the choices you are making for your baby and learn how to advocate for you in the hospital. Dads care for all the logistics, the environment, and the interacting with hospital staff during labor so birthing mammas can stay focused on surfing the birthing waves.

The answer is YES, welcome to class dads! It is very much for you too!

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In this video some awesome Love Based Birth dads share their experience of attending the 5 class birth preparation series.

To turn dad into the perfect birthing partner, click here!