healthy fats = healthy stretch. An avocao a dat keeps the tears away.
Preventing Perineal Tears: Preparing for Birth
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Have you been to our free membership area yet?  It is SO much fun creating evidenced based information for you. I am very happily doing my part to shift the global disaster that is fear driving the birth world.

One birth at a time and together we can bring birth back to love and into the hands of well prepared parents where it belongs.

Birth Photos

Love Based Birth is filled with inspiring photos from my favourite photographer super heroines Kyra Ann Photo and The Unison Photo, my own or those gifted from LBB families. And now I need yours too!

If you are excited to see your images here please send them to: [email protected] and specify if you want them to be anonymous or credited and if so how.

Thanks for being a part of Love Based Birth community!

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