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Looking Back and Ahead – Birthing of A New Year

The birthing of a New Year is one of my favourite times of the year. It feels so juicy and full of new opportunities, endless possibilities, a whole new blank chapter in our book of life!

The year started off incredibly here with a beautiful calm birth supported by a 3 year old big brother, it was a magical night! I feel so grateful to the thousand of women who have inspired me over the years, I bow to each and every one of you.

Reflecting back on 2016 it has been a fabulous, monumental year for me personally as well as for Love Based Birth. I have grown and stretched in ways I couldn’t have expected.

This is my short list of the years main events:

  • Continued learning and discovering a wealth of knowledge about preconception as I used myself as a model
  • Held the first Pregnancy Moon ~ Birth Preparation Retreat in Bali which was a huge success
  • Rebranded from Orange Blossoms Midwifery to Love Based Birth
  • Speaker for the International Hypnobirthing Day Celebration in Singapore
  • Attended Inner Engineering program online and Shambhavi Mahamudra program with Sadhguru ~ Deepening self discovery and making daily mediation a regular practice
  • Sponsored Death and Birth Doula training program with Denise Love
  • Joined a international group of entrepreneurs making a big difference in the world enrolling in the Key Person of Influence business excellaration program -committed to turning up and leaning in with an accountability group who has pushed and stretched me all year!
  • Prepared a Crowned Princess for birth and supported her and her family as she gently birthed her baby
  • Speaker for the Sassy Mamma Holistic Pregnancy Morning
  • Planned a bespoke Love Based Birth ~Birth Preparation Program ~ Wrote a 70 page manual for it
  • Launched the brand new Love Based Birth ~ Birth Preparation program with a starting class of 5 Couples
  • Visited my family in Canada and everyone finally met my husband!
  • The behind the scenes at LBB team grows and the support feels amazing
  • Write the manuscript for my first book: From Fear to Love ~Your Guide to a Fearless, Magical Birth
  • Moved the Love Based Birth class to Orchard road and formed a new partnership with Trehaus
  • Niche down my Biodynamic Craniosacral practice to working specifically with pregnant mumma’s, newborns and women on their fertility journey
  • Went through IVF to a successful pregnancy!
  • Sri Lanka for a friends wedding
  • Build a team to create an updated website for Love Based Birth
  • Started a Holistic Pregnancy Morning Group which meets the first Tuesday of the month
  • Signed a Publishing contract with ReThink Press
  • Made a donation to Teju’s Home to help cover costs of midwifery care and housing for unwed teens in Kerala, India
  • Sponsored a third Death doula training program with Denise Love
  • Spent Christmas with husbands family in New ZealandThere was plenty of magical sprinkled in throughout the year as I midwifed 14 babies into the world with a 100% gentle birth rate with 71% of those babies born in water.I gave 100’s a Biodynamic Craniosacral sessions and witnessed many incredible transformations including a 100% success rate with the women I worked with who were themselves undergoing IVF.Hundreds of additional couples came through the doors joining the Love Based Birth family while they prepared for birth with group or private classes, one to one consultations, prenatal care, postnatal care, baby massage, workshops etc.Thanks to each one of you who has been such an inspiring part of this adventure!

Looking forward to 2017

It is going to be an incredibly creative year at Love Based Birth!

The most exciting aspect will be my own long awaited experience of birth and becoming a mother, I am ecstatic! Time to take all my good advice to heart LOL 

Many women have asked me if I will share my journey of learning and discoveries during my pregnancy and the answer is YES I am committed to continuing being apart of filling the internet space with good pregnancy, birth positive content. Continuing to stand with so many of my sisters around the world who are doing amazing work in this space.

In 2017 I will continue transforming and stretching from practitioner to creator. Not the most comfortable stretch because practitioner is where I am very happy and very comfortable. Working one to one with women and couples is where I love to be, it is what makes my heart sing. However the call to move to one to many model has been gaining momentum and cannot be ignored.

In the pipe line for the first half of the year:

Online Birth Preparation Classes! Most of the filming for the classes will be done in Bali this February. Watch this space opportunity to join will be up shortly

My Book From Fear to Love ~Your Guide to a Fearless Magical Birth is planned for release by April. You will be able to pre-order your copies soon!

A new Love Based Birth Website 

I am so happy to travel to Mumbai in February to attended the Human Rights in Childbirth Conference and catch up with my colleagues and friends in the birth industry. I’d love to see you there you can register here

I wish each of you buckets full of inspiration and creativity in 2017!  

To all of you becoming mothers with me this year please stay in touch, let’s do this together!

Love Red

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