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Are Birthing Classes Necessary? 3 Important Reasons Why They Are Superior to Hospital Classes

As a conscious pregnant parent, you will find yourself asking: Are birthing classes necessary?

Independent birth preparation classes are usually taught by someone who is very passionate about birth and is invested in helping you achieve the birth of your dreams.

You will learn the importance of discuss things like episiotomy (cutting your vagina) with your care provider much before birth and give you all the research and stats to show why you don’t want one as part of the routine.

Hospital birth preparation classes are usually taught by nurses who are being paid to teach you how to be a good patient inside the hospital frame work and what your options of drugs are to use during labor. When it comes to discussing episiotomy she would probably tell you if you need one your doctor will know and give you one so you shouldn’t worry.

Do you feel the difference?

If you are looking for a natural birth, save your money and go directly to an independent educator. Here’s what you can expect from good birthing classes:

  1. Techniques to cope with the pain and intensity of labor. 

Birth is a completely natural process that happens between lunch and dinner and it is also going to sweep you off your feet and take your breath away. It is going to demand you dive deep into your internal resources and use every positive self talk trick in your book.

You want to make sure you have some good resources built up from frequently practicing relaxation and focusing techniques.

A positive self talk mantra you can easily locate in your mind will help immensely.

Part of preparing for pain also includes shifting your mindset:

Don’t pretend it won’t exist.

Time is wasted stressing about “How will I cope with the horrible pain of the contractions?”

Instead, get proactive and start gathering tools and shifting your mindset: “These sensations are normal and productive and bringing my baby into my arms. I am prepared and equipped to surf my birthing waves.”

Think of any athlete ever…

No Olympian has ever won a medal or any marathon runner ever finished the race by bathing in self doubt.

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2.  Ways to build your confidence about birth.

You needs tools, positive stories, and strategies to start unpacking the world of negativity you may carry about birth. Negativity and trauma about birth has been given to you by magazines, TV shows, internet, your friends, your mother and many others in your community. Most urban women by the time they get pregnant have seen or heard over 100 horror stories about birth!

Turning all that off isn’t going to be instant; it takes time and the supportive guide of the birthing class educator.

Confidence is key to any positive outcome! Think about the first time you ever had a presentation in class. Now think about the most successful presentation you have ever had. Like any successful presentation, a successful childbirth involves confidence.

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3. Help your partner get on the same page as you 

When you are in the birthing space, you might as well be on another planet. You need someone with you who is looking after all the details for you so you can focus on working with your body and baby. If that person is going to be your partner then they need a chance to get informed which includes:

  • How to help you stay home as longer during labor and why
    that is important.
  • How to interact with the hospital staff and advocate for you and your baby.
  • How to keep distraction at a minimum for you.
  • How to build their own confidence about the upcoming main event.

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So are birthing classes are necessary? They are necessary for parents who are looking to be more confident, knowledgeable, and empowered through the childbirth journey.

For information on the Love Based Birth preparation program click here.