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Dancing - a great hypnobirthing technique

Hypnobirthing Technique: Dancing

Yesterday in class 4 of Hypnobirthing someone asked if dancing to pop music during labor would be a good Hypnobirthing technique.

The point of learning relaxation techniques during Hypnobirthing class is not to give birth in silence or without movement. We are learning to reclaim the magic of the process.

This reclaiming helps us move through labor and birth in a state of calm confidence, trusting in our body and baby’s perfect design!

In class one we learnt all about the wonders of endorphins-your body’s pain killing hormones-and how they build on each other. Building up and sweeping you off your feet and to another planet where you will meet and then bring your baby down to earth with you.

A recent study links dancing and endorphins levels. The study brought together 264 Brazilian teenagers and had them participate in either high or low exertion dancing that was either unsynchronised or synchronised. Before and after the movement sessions the researched measured the teens feeling of closeness to each other and their pain thresholds.

The results concluded: dancing indeed, increases your body’s endorphins! Therefore, dancing would be a great hypnobirthing technique!

“Results demonstrate that both synchronization and exertion have positive independent effects on self-reported social bonding and pain threshold.”


Here are two awesome clips of women dancing in labor.

Whip and Nae Nae:

The Tootsie Roll:

Our class conclusion was:

Anything that helps the body relax is going to help the body open!

DANCE ON! Your baby is your perfect dance partner!

Dance Card by J B Shelleby

You and I had one last long
slow dance together alone.
There were other people in the room
but it was just you and I dancing.

I travelled from wall to wall
swaying and rocking
to downtempo music,
uncomplicated footwork.

You followed my lead perfectly.
Our connection was spot-on.
You did your thing: shimmying
sliding curving and twisting,
and I did mine,
and we were fantastic partners.

We pulled off the finale beautifully,
patient with one another’s timing
not rushing what we both
knew was our last moment
of complete intimacy.

After this, there would be so many
who wanted to dance with you
who loved you as much as I,
and I was glad to know
that your dance card would be full
for all the days you breathed.

But in that split second moment
it was still only us.
I reached down into the water
hooked my hands under your arms
and lifted you up into the air
in one smooth motion.

It was the one time
in both our lives
that we would perform
this way together.

And I know you don’t remember this,
but I’m telling you now:
you were exquisite.