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Freedom for Birth - Rome Action Group

Birth Intervention: A Humorous Look

Pregnant Mothers will often ask “What are some common medical birth interventions that may be used during childbirth?”  If they aren’t asking what is a birth intervention? or why is a birth intervention used?, they should be, to ensure they are fully informed as to what decisions they may need to make if one is […]

Dancing - a great hypnobirthing technique

Hypnobirthing Technique: Dancing

Yesterday in class 4 of Hypnobirthing someone asked if dancing to pop music during labor would be a good Hypnobirthing technique. The point of learning relaxation techniques during Hypnobirthing class is not to give birth in silence or without movement. We are learning to reclaim the magic of the process. This reclaiming helps us move through labor and birth in […]

Orange Blossoms Gentle Birth Videos

Photo: Unison Photo Happy to share the news you can inspire yourself visually with gentle birth images without leaving Orange Blossoms! Come back often to check out new videos and share your favourites with me in the comments so I can add to the playlists! Please pass on the link to anyone you think may like to […]