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Freedom for Birth - Rome Action Group

Birth Intervention: A Humorous Look

For many mothers, birth intervention may not be necessary. The human body has withstood natural birth for a long time; why should anything change now? “Failure to Progress” How often we do hear this as a reason for cesarean? How much have we intervened in the process before getting to that point? The creators of […]

Birth myths: Baby being born

Top 3 Myths About Birth

There are myths about birth out there that should be dispelled. The moment one person becomes two is the most amazing moment in all of existence. Sadly, it is a magic moment that holds a lot of fear for many women. This fear has crept in from highly dramatised media sources like movies or magazines and […]

Dancing - a great hypnobirthing technique

Hypnobirthing Technique: Dancing

Yesterday in class 4 of Hypnobirthing someone asked if dancing to pop music during labor would be a good Hypnobirthing technique. The point of learning relaxation techniques during Hypnobirthing class is not to give birth in silence or without movement. We are learning to reclaim the magic of the process. This reclaiming helps us move through labor and birth in […]

Location Location Location

The resort location and feel is essential to our birth preparation in paradise retreat. I was just in Bali for four days checking out the top luxury boutique resorts, what an amazing time it was! The inspiration was flowing so wonderfully I’ve launched into full swing planning mode! Next year over Valentines day, seven couples will be […]

Romancing and Preparing for Birth

Photo: How does combining romance with birth preparation into an unforgettable retreat sound to you? I’ve been encouraging couples to date each other during pregnancy for over 10 years. The arrival of your baby brings an expansion of your love as it blossoms into a family. In that blossoming there will naturally be a time when […]

Umbilical cord facts: very durable!

Umbilical Cord Facts: Built for Durability

Here are some umbilical cord facts and how their significance towards you and your baby. The umbilical cord is designed for durability and to cushion impact. Looking at the cords of monozygotic monoamniotic-monochorionic twins (known as momo twins) is an extreme example of this durability. This type of twins are very rare because they occur when both […]

neti pot for bad air quality and pregnancy

Bad Air Quality and Pregnancy: Easy Solution

Bad air quality and pregnancy are not a good mix: poor air definitely does not provide an ideal environment for you and the baby. Luckily for us, there are ways to deal with toxins in the air. For me, it’s hard to feel healthy in this relentless haze in Singapore! I feel like I’m back […]

Doctor holding newborn

Baby First Impressions Matter

We tend to think that babies are not very aware of their surroundings; however, baby first impressions matter a lot. “My new born baby seems agitated. He startles easily and doesn’t seem to be able to relax”. I hear that a lot. I also hear versions of this story from many new borns I meet. […]

Orange Blossoms Gentle Birth Videos

Photo: Unison Photo Happy to share the news you can inspire yourself visually with gentle birth images without leaving Orange Blossoms! Come back often to check out new videos and share your favourites with me in the comments so I can add to the playlists! Please pass on the link to anyone you think may like to […]

Therapeutics of Presence illustration

Therapeutics of Presence

With a solid presence we can melt, we can let go. I often get asked ‘because you are a midwife will you need a midwife when you give birth or deliver your own baby?’ I always respond the same; yes of course I will have a midwife! I want to be able to relax and let […]