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Pregnancy Moon Update

I am excited to update you on whats been happening with Pregnancy Moon: Birth Preparation in Paradise! The short story: Pregnancy Moon is now a long weekend, February 12-14, and the program has been optimized into a 3-day program from Friday-Sunday. And we’ve significantly reduced the cost required to attend. Check it out here: The […]

Pregnancy Moon is Here!

Super excited to announce the Pregnancy Moon website is up and registration is open! The feedback has been so overwhelming positive, thank you all and keep it coming! It was serendipitous that our planned launch of Pregnancy Moon last night happen to coincide with overnight house guest..Debra Pascali-Bonaro! Many of you know her well from […]

Singapore Celebrates World Hypnobirthing Day!

Bring your friends and join us for World Hypnobirthing day as we celebrate 25 years of beautiful births in Singapore! This is event is for you if you are curious to learn more about Hypnobirthing, have already experienced the benefits of Hypnobirthing and want to inspire others or are interested to meet and connect with […]

Location Location Location

The resort location and feel is essential to our birth preparation in paradise retreat. I was just in Bali for four days checking out the top luxury boutique resorts, what an amazing time it was! The inspiration was flowing so wonderfully I’ve launched into full swing planning mode! Next year over Valentines day, seven couples will be […]

Let’s vote for midwives in Singapore

Health care systems are the strongest where doctors and midwives are working together in collaboration, benefiting from each others strong points. It’s election fever in Singapore this week and I can’t help fantasizing about the year in the future when midwives are voted in as an integral part of the health care system. Midwives being voted in to aleviate the […]

Why Orange Blossoms?

As a student midwife I learnt the saying, ‘don’t pick the fruit until its ripe’ in the context of not messing with pregnant mammas until babies were naturally ready to ‘fall from the tree’. I loved that! The imagery of our own nature in relation to trees and changing seasons continues to grow for me. I […]

Prenatal Parenting Workshop and Belly Pots

(Photo Credit: Lennart Nilsson ~20weeks) We have been learning a lot for some years now about womb life. It is no longer a dark and mysterious place but rather a well understood, private, cosmos. As we gain more information about the senses, the sensitivities, and the power to learn of the unborn baby, we are […]