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WellBeing Specialists SG Directory

WellBeing Specialists Singapore

Love Based Birth’s Prenatal Classes were recently featured in WellBeing Specialists Singapore’s “5 Best Prenatal Classes in Singapore” feature article. Thanks to all of you Mums, Dads and partners who have left reviews on google and facebook, as this helped us get noticed and featured in the article along with 4 other wonderful pregnancy and […]

Summer Time at Love Based Birth

I am floating on a fabulous time out with my family in Canada. Being the youngest of six and with twelve nieces and nephews, when we all get together it is big and fun and loud; we totalled 27 people. This was the first time we were all in one place for 14 years! Admittedly that […]

Your Birth Photos on Love Based Birth

We are very busy creating over here! Have you been to our free membership area yet?  It is SO much fun creating evidenced based information for you. I am very happily doing my part to shift the global disaster that is fear driving the birth world. One birth at a time and together we can bring birth […]

Pregnancy, Newborn & Family Photos

I have great news Kyra Ann Photography is coming to Singapore in August! Kyra is a dear friend, a Love Based Birth mummy and a talented photographer. Many of her photos are doted around LBB including our incredible home page photo! Kyra is a highly sought-after portrait and lifestyle photographer and will be available in Singapore for bookings […]

Love Based Birth Preparation Class Update

I have transitioned from teaching HypnoBirthing the Marie Mongan program to my own Love Based Birth program to couples preparing for birth and parenthood. I love to share with you my process and progress. I learnt a lot teaching Marie’s Hypnobirthing program, a great program that has helped many couples around the world have a […]

Breastmilk Donations

Do you have breastmilk in the fridge? One of the mummy’s I am working with is expecting her baby any day now and needs your help. For medical reasons she needs to top up her own breastmilk supply with donor milk. If you have this milk making super power and are able to help please […]

Love Based Birth

A Transformation: Love Based Birth

Orange Blossoms is making  a slow and gentle transformation into Love Based Birth. I have been searching for sometime for the medium to join my birth keeper sisters and other practitioners in the worldwide movement already long established to bring innocence, joy and beauty back to birth. Loved Based Birth as a company and brand clearly names […]

Midwife holding newborn baby

What to Expect as an Aspiring Midwife

Aspiring student midwives often ask me what it’s like to be an independent midwife.  I get lots of emails, from all over the globe, students wanting to come to the birth center in Kerala to study, wondering what a my normal days looks like, what is it like to work in Asia, or the best […]

Belly Pots!

Cool clay spread on a ripe belly with intension and then decorated with love for the baby inside. How beautiful! And belly pots make a cool keepsake. Fruit anyone? Imagine how many good conversations start there : ) I photographed a session last year and loved it. The bonus is Amu, your guide, is a […]

Let’s vote for midwives in Singapore

Health care systems are the strongest where doctors and midwives are working together in collaboration, benefiting from each others strong points. It’s election fever in Singapore this week and I can’t help fantasizing about the year in the future when midwives are voted in as an integral part of the health care system. Midwives being voted in to aleviate the […]