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Flying While Pregnant: What You Need to Know

‘Tis the holiday season and for many expanded mummies, that means traveling to visit friends and family! For the expecting mother, flying while pregnant could be a daunting task. To help you lovely ladies out, I’ve put together some tips that will help you travel your healthiest!

Flying While Pregnant: Preparation

1. If you are able to, go business class 

2. Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate the few days leading up to flying. The longer the haul, the more hydrated you want to be before you get anywhere near the plane! Coconut water is a good one for hydration: drink 1-2 servings per day 2 days before you fly. Get one of the good packaged ones (without palm sugar) to bring with you to the airport because you can’t carry it on the plane.

3. Get an isle seat so you can get up and out easily!

4. Don’t forget to pack your magnesium! Take it at take off to help relax and also the days following the flight.

5. Pack some protein snacks in case you get hungry; a good protein bar or mixed nuts/dried fruits should do the trick. Pack herbal tea bags for the flight (like chamomile if you are a tea drinker). If you use rehydration packets (like recharge) then pack that to have on the plane!

6. Pack whatever medical records you’d want to have with you just incase you need to see a doctor/midwife while you are away.

7. Tell your baby about the trip and the flight- they want to be prepared too. Studies have shown that talking to your baby may help deal with stress levels. Read more about it here!

8. Even before the fight, start boosting your immune system with good rest, exercise, Vitamin C, low sugars, probiotics, and echinacea tea (pack all your immune boosters).

9. If you have constipation tendencies, avoid eating too much bread, rice, or other carbs or binding foods 2 days before you fly.

10. Pack 2 boxes of Epsom salts so you can have a nice bath the first 2 days you are at your destination! This will support your immune system and help you get rid of those plane stuffed nose/sore throats and will help you deal with climate change without getting sick.

11. The night before and morning of, apply an extra layer of coconut oil on your belly and rest of your body. As you may know already, flights are SO dehydrating for your skin!

12. If you are obviously pregnant you might want to get a letter from your care provider that you’re good to fly. Some airlines require it, so good to be prepared!

13. This is a good tip from an herbalist friend of mine: To prevent DVT, buy a small inflatable ball (around 15 cm in diameter), and rest your feet on it the entire flight. This will ensure your feet are imperceptibly moving the whole time, which will keeping your circulation going!

Once in the Air 

1. Skip the champagne ?

2. Hydrate!

3. Exercise frequently! If you’ve never read the card / section in the back of the magazine in the seat pocket of in flight exercises then today is your day! Practice them all. Plus, get up at least every hour and walk the aisles.

4. Taking magnesium (up to 800mg) can help you relax (Disclaimer: only do 400 mg if you aren’t used to taking magnesium and don’t know if your body can cope with a bigger dose…it can cause diarrhea which obviously is the last thing you need!)

5. Catch up on that birth book you’ve been meaning to read (Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth, Hypnobirthing, Birth Partner, and Active Birth are all good reads). Listen to your relaxation tracks and take an opportunity to BREATHE!

6. Make sure you have a mask or shawl to cover your nose/face in your handbag in case they are doing any spraying on the plane! Put a few drops of lavender on it if you use oils.

Once You Land 

1. Hydration, magnesium, and rest will help regulate your stressful journey. Don’t over pack your schedule too much!

2. Watch out for constipating foods if you are prone. This is the time you may easily get clogged bowels! ?

3. Drink coconut water to rehydrate if you have access.

4. Remember to use the Epsom salts for a nice relaxing bath!

5. Coconut oil or body butter that skin!

Happy holidays! Enjoy your well-deserved break with family and friends! 

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