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May 5th: International Day of the Midwife

Being a midwife is so special.

Having the honor and the skills to sit beside amazing women while they open their bodies to let humans out is truly and utterly beyond incredible.

Helping to create environments for those little ones to land gently and peacefully is so important for them and a happier planet.

Feeling deep gratitude today on International Day of the Midwife for all the incredible families that have welcomed me into their homes and hearts this past year.

Thank you for all the ways and moments you’ve continuing to teach me to trust birth in all its shapes and sizes!

If you have a midwife tell her something nice today! She works long hours for you because she cares so darn much for you and your little one. 

Happy International Midwife Day to…

…all my fellow midwife sisters around the globe thank you for doing what you do! all the student midwives, thank you for listening to the call and saying yes. Hang in there your hands are so needed!

…to all the incredible partners and families who put up with and even support this highly erratic work!

…and to all the families who choose midwifery care

I bow to each and everyone of you!