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I get asked these questions about hypnobirthing classes all the time…

so let me answer them before you have to ask them yourself!
  1. I’m a… (Fill in what is appropriate for you) Christian/Hindu/Atheist/Non-spiritual person...
    is hypnobirthing classes still for me?      > Yes!
    Do we go into strange trances during a hypnobirthing class?      > No!

Don’t get put off by the name.

I am not a hypnotherapist and you are not going into deep hypnosis in a hypnobirthing class.

What we do is learn to use tools to relax, to slow down the fast pace machine of our minds.

These tools include relaxing music, imagery, visualization and affirmations.

We also learn why taking the time daily to relax is so essential for ourselves and also for the growing baby.

When the mind starts to slow we find focus, when we give it opportunity repeatedly, that focus naturally grows.

Building this focus is an awesome practice for birth.

There is a Chinese saying:

‘A focused mind can cut through steel’

We don’t need to cut through steel rather gently birth to our babies. The breath is one of the most important focal points during labor, keep the focus there will help you move through the process with more ease and deeper surrender.

You will not enter a ‘trance like state’ or do anything you don’t want to.


Hypnobirthing, like getting a massage, is accessible for everyone regardless of religion, background, belief structure etc. 


  1. Is labor meant to be painless?
    Will I learn how to have a pain-free birth?

> No!

The point of HypnoBirthing in my opinion is not to avoid pain during labor.

The pain has a purpose; it is the guide!

A guide that gets us up out of the bed and moving, swaying our pelvis, rocking back and forth, breathing, moaning, dancing. Helping baby to move through the epic journey onto land.

I will not be teaching you how to remove the pain. Rather we will be learning to remove the fear that intensifies the pain. We will also learn how to change our relationship to what ‘pain’ means, reframing the idea to give it a purpose.

This is how it gets transformed into power.


  1. Does my husband/partner need to added the hypnobirthing class?


Your birth companion will need to know how to support you! We cannot expect someone to know what to do in the intense energy of birth without having a map.

That’s what I do; give the road map to birth companions.

I always tell dads, ‘in one way or another you helped to get the baby, so you have to help get the baby out!’

It is very important you plan the birth of your baby together, to get on the same page as a team. In doing this you will start to discover things about each other you did not previously know.

Partners need the opportunity to learn and better understand how to support you not only in birth but also during pregnancy.

Birth companions will leave from the classes with a super solid understanding of:

  • why you are making the choices you are making
  • how to advocate for you in the hospital and with your care givers
  • how to be really present emotionally, physically and mentally during each and every stage of labor and birth

Those are the top 3 questions I get asked regarding Hypnobirthing! If you have a question I did not ask please feel free to send it in so I can!

Wishing you a relaxing day


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