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Meeting opportunity: La Leche League in May

If you’re pregnant or a breastfeeding mum you’re welcome to join this fun, informative meeting in May.

I have been invited to attend the group as the guest speaker so look forward to meeting you and of course having baby cuddles : )

From Mina the host:

During our May meeting we have a special guest speaker from the birthing community in Singapore.  Red Miller is a midwife and birth advocate, as many of you may know.  She will be discussing topics which include the birth process and the effects on breastfeeding, biodynamic craniosacral therapy and its role in supporting the baby and breastfeeding after birth, and anatomical situations such as tongue tie and how to access solutions in Singapore.

You need to Please RSVP.

May 11, Wednesday


Private home at Draycott Park

More information and to RSVP:

Mina Mobile: 8688 2497 Email: [email protected]

If you have time, please bring a small healthy snack to share. 

Stroller and car parking available.