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The c-section detective
Unnecessary C-sections: The Cesarean Detective

Le Leche League in Singapore

LLL meet ups are great ways to meet other breastfeeding mums and they are always free.

The group is mother led with a ‘Le Leche Leader’ who hosts and can help with basic breastfeeding challenges.

I used to attend a group in Mumbai and it was good fun!

My friend Tara is an experienced breastfeeder and attends most meetings in Singapore so I knew you are in good hands; tell her I say hi : )

You’ll need to RSVP to Mina if you are attending. 
“Our first meeting of 2016 will be on January 26th, Tuesday.
LLL Singapore-January 2016
January 26, Tuesday
Mina Ohuchi Bregman’s home
Mob 8688 2497
If you have time, please bring a small healthy snack to share. Stroller and car parking available.
Please also mark your calendars for February 16 for the post Chinese New Year meeting.”
Enjoy! Its important to build up your network of like minded mummies!