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Anita Moorjani - Life Lessons from Death

Life Lessons from Death

Sometimes, the most important lessons are taught from the most unexpected events. In this video, Anita Moorjani explains her life lessons from death.

The doctors had given up on Anita but she wasn’t ready to go yet.

She shares the 5 lessons she learnt from death in this Ted talk well worth your 18minutes.

  1. The most important thing to focus our awareness on is love.”

    Self love come first. Work on finding more compassion and kindness for yourself because “the more you love yourself the more love you have to give other people”.

    “When we value ourselves we teach other people how to treat us.” 

    There is something so deeply simple and so deeply powerful about that statement. I love it!

    Perhaps ‘do unto others..’ would serve us better as ‘do unto self…’

  2. “Live life fearlessly”

    Most of us are brought up on a diet of fear” and its not just of birth, it’s of everything!

    Of failure, of doing something wrong, of disappointing someone, of not being enough. Of living!

    Imagine committing today to having a birth without fear; to live a life free of fear.

    What does that look like?

    What’s the first thing you would do differently about your upcoming birth?

  3. “Humour, laughter and joy.”

    “We are born knowing love and fearlessness but it gets conditioned out of us as we grow up. Finding joy in life is more important than any other spiritual activity you can think of.”

    Not sure about you but finding joy sounds like a perfect spiritual quest. We all need to lighten the freight truck up apparently and start learning from the children in our lives instead of pretending it’s the other way around!

  4. “Life is a gift.”

    “Most of us live it like it is a chore.”

    Dang. Thats sad and so darn true.

    “Even the challenges that come to you are a gift”

    I’ve been in the eye a storm myself recently and boy that rubbing, the squeezing, the refining is SO uncomfortable it has to be good.

    Exactly like birth, I know there are moments when the baby must feel ‘dang this is challenging, what the heck’?!

    And then just like that it emerges with a whole new perspective, a whole new world to explore!

    The rubbing, the squeezing has increased her capacity greatly and just like a fine diamond the sparkle becomes ever brighter.

  5. “Be yourself.”

    “Be as you as you can be, shine your light as brightly as you can!”


    Authentically and freely expressing myself without fear of failure or judgement. Thats one of my mantras for the year and I’m so glad she gave me an opportunity to come back to it.

    Choose love, let go of the bars of fear, joyfully get more comfortable in our own skins and start embracing the moments of life as the beautiful gifts they are!

    Thats sounds like a good way to birth, a good way to live, a good way to die.

    Who’s in?