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The resort location and feel is essential to our birth preparation in paradise retreat.

I was just in Bali for four days checking out the top luxury boutique resorts, what an amazing time it was!

The inspiration was flowing so wonderfully I’ve launched into full swing planning mode!

Next year over Valentines day, seven couples will be joining me in Bali for a pregnancy-moon retreat! Together we will dive into learning Hypnobirthing, connect you deeply as a couple and get you ready to gently welcome your baby!

The place we will stay needs to match the key words that described the experience I want to create for us:


It was really fun to notice the more places I explored the clearer my understanding grew of what we needed for this to be a truly epic adventure.

It’s all about the little details, and boy does Bali do small touches well!

We started with 14 potentials that are now narrowed down to two incredibly stunning spots.

It not going to be an easy choice!

Here are some photos from our day

[LBS id=1062]

Watch this space, I’m so excited to share what all I’ve got planned for you!

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