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May 5th: International Day of the Midwife

Love Based Birth Preparation Class Update

I have transitioned from teaching HypnoBirthing the Marie Mongan program to my own Love Based Birth program to couples preparing for birth and parenthood.

I love to share with you my process and progress.

I learnt a lot teaching Marie’s Hypnobirthing program, a great program that has helped many couples around the world have a more positive, gentle experience of birth. I have immense respect for Marie and all she has achieved and created.

Part of that learning was a truth that kept bubbling up; I have thousands of my own experiences and truths about birth and the process of preparing for it that the couples I have worked with taught me. It is those stories and that experience that I want to honour and share.

Some people have told me it is a brave step to stop teaching a program that is well known and even a sought after buzz word. That no one knows what the heck Love Based Birth means.

Well that is true.

For now at least.

I ask women I work with all the time…

What does your intuition say?

Then I encourage her to follow that because our inner compass is never wrong. 

This is where my inner compass is pointing: original materials, original program, first in face to face class and soon to the online world of couples looking for positive, confidence boosting, evidenced based information. 

The class is very practical providing latest research on evidenced based practices for birth, stages of labor, and the role of the birth partner. We will also explore the world of mind body connection, breath, and relaxation. This exploration includes the use of guided meditations or self-hypnosis tracks materials that are provided and that you will create and express on your own.

We’ll have daily self care rituals as part of the practice to boost self love, confidence and intuition and some basic movements practices that provide the opportunity to move deeper into FEELING and BEING in the body.

I am SO excited to share with you this awesome page my wonderful team has made, and how easy it is now for you and your friends to book a class.

Please check it out and share it with your friends. There maybe a tweak or two that still needs flushing out so if you find one in the process please let me know.

Here’s the link you are welcome to leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Together and one birth at a time lets shift the birth paradigm from fear and trauma to love and celebration.

In love and intuition


  • Sarah mist May 11, 2016

    Yes do it Red! You completely transformed my birth experience for my son, my husband and myself. You have the wisdom to inspire confidence in ourselves. I will always be indebted to you xs

  • Red Miller May 11, 2016

    Hi Sarah! Thank you for taking the time to write those beautiful words . I will never forget how much magic and determination you birthed with and how Sanga arrived…still in his waterbag with his handsome dad in amazement by your side. : ) You were so incredibly dedicated to a gentle beginning for you boy. Such an inspiration you are! Big love to all three of you <3