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Mayan Massage for Tilted Uterus

If you think you might have a tilted uterus, a Mayan Massage may be just what you need.

The Mayans believed that the uterus is the centre of the body and if this centre is not in perfect alignment, it can cause disease in the surrounding body systems.

The first time I had a Mayan massage I was very inspired. So much so that when I came home I took out my belly ring piercing that had been a part of me for over 15 years. That never would have happened if I didn’t completely trust my pracitioner Lisa as she walked me through the importance of the central channels of the body and the different ways flow, energy, Qi can get blocked.

It made complete sense to me. Our centre after all, is the residential home of that still, quiet, knowing voice called intuition. I love to be pro-active about staying in ‘the flow’ so out it came without a second thought.

Lisa practices The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® and is here in Singapore from August 24- September 4th 2016.

A Mayan massage will benefit you if you:

  • Look to boost your fertility naturally 
  • Have painful periods
  • Have chronic digestive concerns like constipation 

Lisa is very passionate in her teachings to be pro-active and take charge of our health, living our most vibrant.

I love this quote from an interview she did recently for The Global Yogi: ‘the problem is we are taught how not to get pregnant but not how to get pregnant’.

So true. The problem is we are taught how NOT to get pregnancy but not how TO get pregnant.-2

Pre-conception health is a passionate topic for us here at Love Based Birth. There are so many simple thing you can do to increase your chances of a happy, healthy pregnancy; much before you are actually there.

Soon we will be adding a ‘Fertility’ section to our Free Membership area that will have loads a great information including, videos, tips and checklists to help you along the way.

You can read the full interview by The Global Yogi with Lisa by clicking here.


And to schedule an appointment with Lisa while she is in Singapore you can call +65 6304 3552

or email: [email protected]

Click here to check out her website

Hooray for healthy, happy uteruses!