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Mothers Describe Birth in 1 Word

We asked two mothers from our Love Based Birth preparation program to describe birth in one word.

Look at these amazing shining, confident, connected faces.

These two women have had their babies in the last 2 todays! Yeah!

I asked them both the same thing I ask every woman: ‘what’s the one word to describe your birth if you only had one word to use?’

One said ‘Astral’ the other, ‘Partnership’.

Love those words!

Both had birth without any drugs or other interventions and both greeted their babies gently on their own terms.

They both changed care providers (CP) during the course when they began to recognise they were with active management CP’s who weren’t going to honour their birth choices.

I am so proud of every person in this photo. It is not only about the outcome of the birth, I would be equally proud of someone who ended up with a caesarean (of course!), it is about the commitment they each brought.

Commitment to:

  • Face, address and shift their fears
  • Take action and make decisions to put themselves in the best possible position to get what they wanted, even when it looked very different then their friends and peers.
  • Put in the time and energy needed to get informed

My wish is that every couple in the city knows that there are independent classes they can take that will inspire them, boost their confidence and help them to be better prepared for the intensity of birth. Here is a great article that explains why birth classes are necessary.

If you know someone who is feeling nervous about their upcoming birth please share this page with them and encourage them to take action. Maybe you could gift them the class!

Click here to see the program and register. 

Here’s to confident new mothers and involved, active dads!