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Newborn Baby Shopping List: Exactly What Do You Need?

The number of products marketing new mothers get bombarded with today is outrageous! When it comes to the newborn baby shopping list, I get asked all the time: “what do I actually need to buy before my baby arrives?”

Knowing what all to prepare and stock pile can be confusing (especially once you have a magazine like the Mothercare in your hand).

In our drive to consume we are now flying in things from all around the world for a person who sleeps 50% of its time. You might want to ask yourself, “is this really necessary?”

You will be surprised how little your newborn baby needs so if you are questioning whether you need to put xyz in your shopping list; it probably means, better to leave it on the shelf.

Rather than spending your money on ‘stuff’, put it toward these two essential experiences:

  1. A great birth preparation class. Not the one offered by your local hospital, an independent one that guides you to becoming an informed and proactive consumer. To make decisions independent from hospital protocol. To learn more about the differences of independent verse hospital based birth preparation click here.
  2. SELF CARE in the postpartum period. I believe an essential minimum is someone who will come home to massage (and possibly wrap) you frequently in the early weeks and months. This is an investment that will benefit you and your baby long term! Our baby mirror us so the more calm and relaxed we can be the calmer and more relaxed our babies will be.

Postnatal doula’s, lactation counsellors, someone cooking for you, a good body worker like an Osteopath are all great investments for your post birth team.
Here’s my (short) list of essentials for the newborn period:

Newborn Baby Shopping List

  • Swaddles x 6
  • Short sleeve Kimono style onsie easy in and out (not over the head) x 5 -first week
  • Zip jammy with arms and legs x 2
  • Baby hat x 2
  • Onsie x 6
  • 1 Bag of disposable diapers- chlorine free and biodegradable (Naty/Offspring Naturals/Honest Diapers)
  • Cloth diapers – prefolds x 10-12 and covers x 5-6
  • Waterproof mats for changing/nappy free time x 4
  • 1 Sling (ring sling/K’tan/sling shirt)
  • 1 Baby Carrier ( Ergo)
  • Small soft (bamboo) wash cloths x 6
  • Tons more wash cloths for mopping up spit up (Ikea)
  • Towel x 2
  • Coconut oil
  • Socks x 2
  • Bucket for bath
  • A good bum cream
  • More muslin cloth for spills and burping (old school folding diapers)
  • Baby nail clippers
  • Cocoonababy or Co-sleeper
  • Car seat

Shopping List for Mum 

  • Sitzbath supplies
  • Natural santitary pads (Natra)
  • Nursing bras x 4-5 (not too tight! No underwire)
  • A good nipple cream
  • Bathrobe (stay in it!)
  • Breastfeeding pillow


  • Breast pump (if going back to work get a double pump)
  • Stroller (light enough to fold and put in trunk)
  • Bottles – glass not plastic

That’s it! Newborn baby shopping list done!

Your new baby doesn’t want to be on the bus, train, or anywhere near a shopping mall. All these places are over stimulating for baby in those early weeks. Make arrangements with a friend who lives near you to be your ‘go get’ person in case you find yourself needing something you don’t have.

My birth ended by Caesarean surgery, so my ‘go get’ friend went to Marks and Spenser’s to buy me some granny panties! What a relief those nickers that nearly reached my boobs were (far from my healing incision).

A super exciting time you are in! We at Love Based Birth wish you a love filled, joyful start to motherhood!

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