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Life Lessons from Death
I'm relaxing until my little one arrives. Please help me relax by not asking if its happened yet.
Pregnancy and Social Pressure

Pregnancy Moon’s first baby is a VBAC!

The first baby from our Pregnancy Moon Birth Preparation and Paradise retreat was born under the March full moon as a successful VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean)!

It feels so fitting that the first Pregnancy Moon baby is a VBAC because tools for success include:

A determined mother and a supportive birth partner spending time together to get on the same page; gathering tools to boost confidence and trust while assembling a birth team to help cheer them towards their goal. Of course involving baby in every step of the preparation! 

Exactly the point of Pregnancy Moon and what this couple did wonderfully.

A huge hearty congratulations from us!

I always get asked if it is true more babies are born on full moons and this March’s moon agrees the answer is YES! This full moon was a powerful one!

I had messages going at the same time from three different couples doing an amazing job traveling the birth path!

Reflecting on the birth one of the mums told me: ‘That was the most difficult, empowering, glorious experience of my life!’ 

My heart swells at each of their strength and courage as they faced the inevitable twists and turns along the way and stayed true to SURRENDERING to the moment!

On that note here’s another full power VBAC birth video for you to kick off your long weekend! : )

Birth is sweaty, birth is loud, birth is wet, birth is damn hard work and about as real as life it gets!

(Check out how prepared this big sister is. Her mums noises don’t seem to affect her, she is happy to help her doll give birth over and over and doesn’t forget the placenta. I love that book Hello Baby for sibling preparation)