Pregnancy and Social Pressure
Pregnancy / pregnancy social pressure
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Pregnancy and Social Pressure

When I talk about pregnancy and pressure, I don’t mean the kind your baby puts on your bladder but rather the kind people put on you! An expecting mother may feel uncomfortable by social pressures around her wondering about her pregnancy.

I received a message from a beautiful soon to be mummy today.

“Hi Red! Hope you had a great weekend! I saw my Dr today who says every thing is good but there are no signs of labor yet. I’m getting nervous….do you think I should do things like acupuncture? I’m going crazy with the 10 messages I get per day asking if the baby has finally arrived yet…”

She hadn’t even come to her ‘guess date’ yet. 

Another first time mum said to me recently, ‘for my next baby I will definitely give a date that is the month after the EDD, the well meaning phone calls are overwhelming!’

I made this and sent to her. I encourage you if you are coming close to your ‘date’ you might want to also use it or make your own and put as your Facebook and whatsapp profile picture.

 I’d love to see more of these doted around social media.

We all need to breath and give women approaching birth a break.

Please give everyone a date for baby’s arrival that is a few weeks later then the one your pregnancy calculator or care provider gives you. It can help not getting bombarded by well meaning people in your last weeks.  

After all this is not an exact science. Full term babies have a 5 week window to be ‘on-time’ from 37-42 weeks.

For a baby at the end of pregnancy everyday inside the body is like 4 days on the outside for them developmentally.

Let’s not rush them and each do our part in letting babies choose their own birthdays and come when they darn well please  <3

On a lighter note, read this article to find out about how to deal with stress while pregnant!