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Prenatal Parenting Workshop and Belly Pots

(Photo Credit: Lennart Nilsson ~20weeks)

We have been learning a lot for some years now about womb life. It is no longer a dark and mysterious place but rather a well understood, private, cosmos. As we gain more information about the senses, the sensitivities, and the power to learn of the unborn baby, we are naturally propelled to find more ways how to nurture this development.

Many experts in the field of perinatal psychology & pediatrics are stating womb life is more vulnerable now then ever before in history. With the levels of stress we carry, bombardment of routine ultrasound, over prescribed antibiotics and other tablets, GMO food, and air pollution to name a few, babies are at risk before they are even born.

The concept of prenatal parenting is familiar to some and strange for others. As we will discover, your little one is a fully aware, feeling, conscious being who thrives with kind words, reassurances, and acknowledgement.

Your womb is baby’s first school! Your little one is learning thru you, experiencing her 12 senses in the environment your womb creates for her. In fact learned experiences of the womb prepare the baby for her birth environment, for what type of world she needs to ready herself for. Will it be a loving, connected world or one that needs to be feared, will there be time for communication and relaxation or is it world where everything is always rushed?

We know moods are contagious, right? When you have high levels of stress hormones like cortisol, adrenaline and catecholamine’s bathing your body so will your growing baby, when you are filled with feel good hormones like oxytocin and endorphins, so will your baby.

Imagine. There is no other time in life where you have such a direct impact on her long-term emotional life like you have during pregnancy!

What if just a few minutes of mindfulness each day could alter for the better the course of her life, the way she relates to others, the relationships she choses, her view of life.

Your discoveries in this workshop will include:

  • Learn about the 12 senses of your baby & how she uses them in the womb.
  • What do neuropeptides have to do with it?
  • Learn the basics of stress verses pleasure hormones.
  • Discover 10 amazing little known facts about your unborn baby.
  • How can we can affectively communicate during pregnancy and ensure we are passing on healthy habits?
  • Tips to ensure your staying on the oxytocin side of life!
  • Lots of ideas how you can communicate with your baby throughout the day.