I'm relaxing until my little one arrives. Please help me relax by not asking if its happened yet.
Pregnancy and Social Pressure
Love Based Birth
A Transformation: Love Based Birth
Mother holding her newborn baby

Preparing for Birth: Confidence and Trust are Essential

When preparing for birth, a positive mindset may just be the most important thing for parents.

Gentle, beautiful, love based births can happen in any setting.

I bow to all you amazing parents who put in the effort, trust the magic and actively participate in making your birth dreams come true!

Here is an email I received recently from parents I have helped through our Love Based Birth classes:

Morning Red,

I just wanted to share our exciting news, our little angel  join our family on the 3rd of March at 6.11am at 39 weeks 3.2kg
All 100% natural hypno-birthing, 

I can not thank you enough, 
All the tools you gave me and  the confidence and trust I needed to labour,  I think it could have been a very different birth with out them,
But it turned out to be the most beautiful thing and it turned out just as I wished it to be, I got the natural birth, the skin on skin, the natural first feed and delay clamp cord cutting, I feel so blessed to have been able to experience something so wonderful, and I believe my little one is so chilled and relaxed because it,

Thank you thank you, 
What you give people is a magical gift and thanks for coming into our lives

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Here is an emotional letter we received from a new father, of whom we have also helped.