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7 Reasons You Need Love Based Birth Birthing Classes

I overheard a conversation in a mums group the other day that made me wonder if it was considered  the norm today to spend more time and effort researching which baby buggy to buy than deciding with who and how to give birth to the baby.

Indeed there are many choices in both worlds. However,  I strongly suggest you pause the buggy decision for a minute and consider signing up for antenatal birthing classes.

I sat down to write a list of 3 reasons to join a Love Based Birth class but it quickly turned into 11. So I reduced to a manageable 7 incase you are having a busy day…

Here they are:

1. Birthing classes will help you address your fears 

Where the mind goes the body follows!

The mind does not know the difference between real and imagined danger.

We explore these two ideas in class and identify and address our fears surrounding pregnancy, labor, birth and parenting. To help shift the fear we use visualizations, affirmations, guided mediation, and sound breathing as tools to dive into connecting deeper to our intuition and build our confidence.

Addressing your fears rather than ignoring or stuffing them will give you 100% higher chance of having a birth you feel super good about.

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2. Birthing classes will give you techniques manage labor pain 

One of the biggest concerns during pregnancy is ‘how will I cope with the pain of labor?’

In class we gather a boxes full of tools to help cope with the intensity of labor. From simply gaining an understanding of what is going on in the body, breathing strategies and creating your own guided mediations to exploring positions that make things easier and much more.

Even if you planning an epidural you still will need coping strategies for either while you are waiting for it or incase it doesn’t work. (Yes that is possible)

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3. Birthing classes will give your birth partner a map to support you

It is a lot to expect our partners will automatically know how to give rock solid amazing support during one of the most intense experiences we will have together as a couple.

Talk about pressure!

They need an understanding of the process, to have an idea what to expect, to know what your rights are, how to advocate for you and why all this is important in the first place.

I hear a lot of feedback from not only mums but also nurses and attending doctors that Love Based Birth dads give awesome birth support!

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4. Antenatal classes will enhance your bond with unborn baby 

Did you know your baby is already using 12 senses in their private cosmos that is your womb?

We learn how relationship or ‘related-ness’ between mother and baby, mother and partner and partner and baby will effect pregnancy, birth and early parenting periods.

Exploring latest research we learn how to create optimal physical as well as emotional foundations for baby.

It is common for a dad to tell me how much more connected he feels to the pregnancy and baby since the discussion we had in class 2.

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5. Birthing Classes will help you plan for twists and turns of childbirth 

Sometimes interventions are necessary. The World Health Organization states that 10-15% of woman and babies will need to be born via c-section.

Not the 40-60% that is occurring in many hospitals today but about 1 in 10.

Healing from a birth that went different from how you imagined is easier when prepared before hand to be present with whatever twists and turns birth may take.

We hold the intention to get clear about our ideals for birth while also subtly becoming soft and flexible like a flowing river.

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6. Discover the Secrets and Powers of your Birth Hormones 

Oxytocin, endorphins and relaxin a powerful hormonal cocktail!

Hormones are the petrol in your birthing journey and just like we cant expect a car to run without gas, you cant be expected to gently birth your baby in a stressful environment.

Learn to create the environment and mental mood that supports your hormones to work at there optimal regardless of whether you are planning to birth at home or in the hospital.

7. Make Relaxation a Habit 

More and more research is available now showing the benefits of mums learning to manage and reduce their stress level during pregnancy.

Your baby is learning about the world it will be born into through you. The more time you create to relax and do things that make your feel good hormones flow, the better both of your life long health will be.

We do relaxation exercises in every class and each week you will gain another self-love practice to incorporate into your day.

To find out more and sign up for a Love Based Birth class click here 

All the best for your informed, connected, joyful birthing!