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Umbilical cord facts: very durable!
Umbilical Cord Facts: Built for Durability

Romancing and Preparing for Birth

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How does combining romance with birth preparation into an unforgettable retreat sound to you?

I’ve been encouraging couples to date each other during pregnancy for over 10 years.

The arrival of your baby brings an expansion of your love as it blossoms into a family. In that blossoming there will naturally be a time when priorities shift from nurturing the couple to nurturing the family.

Nurturing each other now opens the door for deeper connection between the three of you before the birth.  Research shows strong prenatal connections positively affects both the birth and the postnatal periods.

When you are too busy counting down the days waiting to meet the creation of your love you might miss…

Lingering at a romantic dinner.
Spending time on dessert choices.
Sitting in the movie theatre until the last of the credits rolls by.
Walking hand in hand in the park or at the beach.

As life gets busier and busier it gets more important for us all to take time out to grow and nurture our relationships.

In Singapore I’ve been watching the scheduling struggles for couples who want to attend Hypnobirthing classes.  Often one partner spends a lot of time traveling which makes it hard to commit to attending weekly classes.  Therefore completing a series means doing make-up classes and more schedule planning and time commitments.

What if we care for your two needs at the same time and combine romance, relaxation and rejuvenation with your birth preparation?

Lets do it in a really sexy, luxurious location, add in prenatal yoga, couples massages, rose petal baths, candle light dinners and a few other delights I have in mind.

How awesome would that be?!

Birth prep in paradise is gestating in my heart and mind and I want you to be apart of it!

I’m going make this the most intimate, romantic and informative birth preparation retreat imaginable for seven lucky couples!

If you see yourself there and want to be the first to know when registration opens, please leave your email below. You’ll get my special email updates on the retreat highlights before I post anything to the public. You will be the first to know to ensure you don’t miss out!

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  • This is fantastic! Can I get pregnant again now? 😉

    • Would love to have you and your man there in Bali! SO YES! Lol love to you and your sweet family Hanani!