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Summer Time at Love Based Birth

I am floating on a fabulous time out with my family in Canada.

Being the youngest of six and with twelve nieces and nephews, when we all get together it is big and fun and loud; we totalled 27 people.

This was the first time we were all in one place for 14 years! Admittedly that long gap is mostly because of me, usually on call for a birth on the other side of the world when everyone else is gathering from different parts of the country. My niece Rowan who lives in Alaska, I met for the first time and she is 10. Yikes!

We already have the next gathering in the calendar. Yay!

I also met my great niece Kaiya, what a special little girl she is making an awesome momma out of my niece.



Being in Canada was also fabulous. I am usually there at Christmas so this was my first summer in a decade.

The forest, the trees, the air, the berries, the cherries, the kale, the sky, the sea, the grass, the mountains!

It was incredible to reconnect with the earth, with nature, it was so grounding to be back in the forest with those big trees.


So my heart (and belly mmmm berries) is full and I am ready to get back to work. There is so much coming up on Love Based Birth over the next 6 months to be excited about including:

A Blooming Free Membership Area which is now Live

My first book with the working title – From Fear to Love: TIPS for a Love Based Birth

Upgrading Love Based Birth Website

Introducing Online Birth Preparation Classes for those who cannot attend Singapore classes

Stay in touch and click here to check out the free LBB membership area which already has videos, downloadable PDFs, an introduction to my TIPS and VAGUS models. Being apart of the action there has the added benefit of insuring you are included and updated on the above happenings as well as new videos and articles.

I am committed to overcoming my own video fears to share my experience with you in all types of media. Without doubt every women needs a midwife and sadly too many women I know don’t have one in her city, town or village so while a virtual one will never replace someone who can physically touch you, I want you to have access the information I share with my clients all day long.

Welcome to the Love Based Birth family!


  • Lori Witmer July 22, 2016

    Love you sister ❤ was so awesome to see you and meet Ross! Wishing you much success in your ventures!

    • Red Miller July 31, 2016

      Thank you sister! It was so fun to be there with you all, we are looking forward to next time : )