During labour I felt totally in control

During one of our prenatal appointments, you asked me what my favourite part about giving birth was. I remember thinking, the only thing I like about giving birth is when it’s over. You changed my opinion entirely.

Now if I had to answer that same question, I would say there are many wonderful things about giving birth. With the right care, giving birth naturally is one of the most empowering experiences a woman will have. Giving birth is nothing to fear.

Over the 9 months you cared for us, my fear evaporated. During labour I felt totally in control. What a difference to my previous births where I was frightened of the pain, focused on the pain and asking for direction. In fact, I don’t even remember the pain.

I just remember feeling all the good things our body gives us to make us feel euphoric and awesome. I loved how you sat there quietly and watched and marveled. No need for touching me at all, just silently reassuring me that everything was perfect and amazing.

Plus, if intervention was required, I knew there was not anyone more capable. You have the wisdom of a woman who she herself has labored 100 times. This wisdom along with your amazing education, experience and ongoing desire to learn make you very special! I believe that any woman, no matter how she decides to birth will be better off with you by her side.

Jethro could not have had a better start to his precious little life. We love you and all you do for woman and their babies!