During the home birth, Red was very patient

Having a private midwife for my 5th pregnancy was a great experience. The antenatal appointments at home were so much more convenient for the whole family than going for hospital check-ups with 4 children. Red was great at involving the kids too. They would even try to feel where their little brother’s head was!

Having longer appointments gave me time to ask all my questions and address any concerns in details. So different to a doctor’s room where I would only spend 5-10 minutes. During the pregnancy, I felt generally better than the previous times because more attention was given to my iron level and general diet.

During the home birth, Red was very patient, even though I had a really long pre-labour. She gave me all the time I needed to labour as I wanted to. There was absolutely no rush and she ended up spending about 9 hours (!) with me to make sure I was completely well before she left.

This was the first time that I could labour and birth a baby exactly as I wanted to. I had the most restful day at home after the delivery. Not being woken up all the time by hospital staff was a big bonus.:)  I’m really thankful for the wonderful midwifery care I received!


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