What we liked most about the classes was that there was active discussion and videos of positive, beautiful births to really counter all of the negative, screaming images that we see and can easily become hard-wired into our sub-conscious.

I also really liked that it wasn’t a really dogmatic approach, and you kept stressing that Hynobirthing can be done in hospitals, even if you end up getting a c-section or whatever, you can keep the principles in your mind, but crucially you haven’t FAILED if that’s what happens. I think that’s really important because a lot of the natural birth rhetoric I found actually quite dogmatic and daunting for expectant mums.

It was also great that Red would mention about really beautiful births she’s been at over the weekend before the class or whatever, because it really made it seem possible, not just in the videos.
We also found it hugely helpful to have your experience as a midwife brought to bear on the class to as often you would add extra medical and research dimensions that weren’t in the book.

Nikki & Oli

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