Refresher class:
   I liked most that I was able to ‘debrief’ our previous birth experience. It also gave me confidence to hear what we can do better (differently) next time, and that perhaps once the little hiccups (logistics) are resolved, we have what it takes to make the next time much smoother.

Our two biggest discoveries in our refresher class with Red was the vocalization techniques and that the doula’s role is to support the decisions of the parents and (not make decision for them) thus they cannot speak on behalf of the parents.  So we need to be more active and vocal in our participation of all the decision-making!

The refresher was very useful as there were a lot of details that we had forgotten, so it was very useful to have those blanks filled in. We could ask plenty of questions that were specific to our situation, which was especially helpful because we already had a good idea of what we wanted to achieve for this birth. This helps us obtain more targeted information.

Red is very open and gives a lot of down to earth advice based on real life experiences, so we benefit from that and not simply a theoretical or textbook view of Hypnobirthing. Simple things like putting up reminders for the people entering the birthing ward are practical and useful tips. How little touches and reminders can ‘hold the space’ to ensure that people entering the birthing ward can be a quiet, calm, and respectful.

Red is very polite and soft spoken. She uses a gentle approach to communicate her opinions and empathizes with our views.

Ben & Xiuwen

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