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At Love Based Birth, we often hear back from mothers who go on to have amazing, successful birth stories in which we helped play a part. Here is an amazing share from Aurore, who had a successful VBAC birth!

Grateful to Aurore’s for sharing her birth journey with us:

“Working full time with long hours and already with one child, I enrolled into Red’s Love Based Birth prep class as I felt I needed some time for myself to focus on my second pregnancy.

I had bad memories with my first maternity as it combined my first baby born by caesarean section just one month after arrival in Singapore with no family or friends support. I took me a very long time to recover (both physically and mentally) and I really wanted a positive experience this time.

“I also wanted to have a natural birth as much as possible as I had noticed that the recouping time after one was much faster than those with c-section.”

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“Spending time in the class with Red’s wealth of experience and fact-based data and evidence comforted me into my line of thought. It really gave me the confidence that I could do it, it was going to work and that although of course medical support is there in case; we women have been doing this from time immemorial and 95% of (undisturbed) births are happening naturally without problems.

Now the topic for me was to find a supportive practitioner who would allow me to have natural birth after a c- section. There’s a lot of reluctance from physicians here in Singapore to allow natural birth after a c-section while looking at the statistics the percentage of uterine rupture is very low.

I made a careful choice on choosing a practitioner who would enable my choice and whom I could trust to only perform (a repeat c-section) in the event of ’emergency or no other choice.

I had a 17 hour long labour which was manageable as I never got scared thanks to the prep classes. I was able to focus on breathing and visualization through each stage.

When I was not able to walk anymore I went to the hospital.

The taxi ride was extremely challenging to remain focused and I was thinking: ‘this is it, the moment I enter the ward I raise my hand for epidural’.

It turns out that upon checking: the baby was about to begin the descent and labour was actually done. Epidural was no longer an option.

And 40 minutes after check-in, I had my 2nd daughter, it was done!

The Love Based Birth class took away all the fears that I had on natural birth. I also found a lot of reassurance from the Guide to Childbirth from Ina May (the book we use in class). It brings us back to earth and is supported by a lot of facts and data so even the most skeptical can find evidence in there.

My husband also gained knowledge and confidence on the process and was able to support fully. His taking part made him at ease with the physical aspect of birth and he wasn’t stressed out during labour and delivery, knowing what to expect, which I found a big comfort.”

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“My other take aways from the class included:

  • Re-assurance on our natural capabilities
  • Envisaging scenarios of birth so prepared in different cases with what may happen at the hospital
  • Full knowledge of the physical process and being able to recognise the signs which led me to only spend 40 min in the hospital before delivery (and avoiding epidural which I thought I would never be able to).

Thanks for sharing your story with us Aurore, you are an inspiration to mothers looking to have the perfect VBAC birth. Wishing you and Iris the best as you settle in together for the easeful recovery time you were hoping for. 

Your truly rocked the Love Based Birth TIPS model…

  1. Team Building
  2. Intuition
  3. Partnership Health Care (choosing wisely!)
  4. Self-love

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