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Graduates from our Love Based Birth classes!

One of our mothers just had a successful VBAC birth (Vaginal birth after c-section)!

Firstly, we will acknowledge the latest graduates from Love Based Birth preparation program!

A fabulous group of couples ready to rock positive, connected, informed births. Yay!

One of these mummas messaged me this weekend to let me know she had her baby 39 weeks in our last class.

She shared the news of her successful drug free VBAC AND that she arrived to the hospital already fully dilated!

That is what I call rock and roll labor LOL. In class we talk (and laugh) about how if you’re on the way to hospital and can walk normally to the car then …turn around and go back inside. IT IS NOT TIME YET.

When you are going SLOWLY, stopping FREQUENTLY to catch your breath, swaying and sound breathing to work with the birthing wave, then it is time!

I asked for one work to describe her birth. She said:


Hugest congratulations from us here at LBB! The rest of you’ve got this as well <3

Here is another amazing, informative article about VBAC birth!

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