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As a student midwife I learnt the saying, ‘don’t pick the fruit until its ripe’ in the context of not messing with pregnant mammas until babies were naturally ready to ‘fall from the tree’. I loved that!

The imagery of our own nature in relation to trees and changing seasons continues to grow for me. I have felt my own blooming and blossoming for years personally and also professionally as though life’s colorful tapestry of experiences is nourishing my gestation.

Our inherent desire as nature is to root down in fertile soil, and then rise up strong and stable to greet the sun. This is a beautiful image of what we do in this human experience!

As we rise, we automatically expand – expanding our capacity to take in the sun as much as to take in the wind. This process is far from pain free! We get cracks, monkeys jumping on our branches, branches and leaves drying up and falling off.  And what about the times of strong winds, torrential rains, and blistering sun? Embracing these moments — as much as we embrace the easy spring days — is where we grow. Where we give birth.

The cycle of blossom to bud to fruit demands letting go, accepting change, and embracing transformation. This is how I want to be willing to live life. In order to do so I need to collect tools and strategies for staying deeply rooted. I have grown tired of being blown over in the howling wind.

That’s why my company’s name is Orange Blossoms, it is a reminder to embrace rather then brace the cyclical rhythms of nature; from blossom to fruit.

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